The origins

Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, who immediately chose a provocative and revolutionary approach for his jeans line. It was the first brand in the world to offer vintage denim by directly treating the fabric with an industrialised process.
The genius and innovation of the creative team led to the creation of iconic collections, including Saddle & Cochise and Cheyenne & Arizona, inspired by Native American culture.


The myth

In the second decade, Diesel established itself as the coolest brand on the market: producing not only jackets for truckers, but also dominating the female audience with a new denim tailored to suit their shape.
In 1993, Diesel launched the “Old Glory” line, a modern take on jeans that became a wardrobe must-have.


Experimentation and avant-garde

The second millennium opens with a new series of jeans made with a “dirty” wash and designed with a special yellow pre-dye, destined to become Diesel’s signature jeans. Research and creativity are a continuous hallmark of Diesel, which in 2005 created the “shadow wash”, a technique of multi shades of indigo on a single garment.
In 2002, Diesel collaborated with fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and inaugurated the “Denim Gallery”, a collector’s series of limited editions.


The 30th anniversary

In 2008, on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, which involved 17 cities around the world at the same time, Diesel launched its limited edition “Dirty Thirty“, which went on sale for just one day and sold out immediately. In 2011, Renzo Rosso created the JoggJeans, the first of their kind to be soft and comfortable, adapting to everyday life.

2012 - 2020

The story continues

Diesel is always pioneering and experimenting with denim using the most innovative fibres and fabrics, such as Lyocell, Tencel and Coolmax, proving that denim is not just casual wear but can be worn on any occasion.
The birth of Diesel Red Tag, the revolutionary platform designed to host the new generation of designers: once again, creating space for creativity and innovation.
In 2020, Glenn Martens started the new Diesel era, which is increasingly focused on environmental and social sustainability.  Already a designer for Red Tag, the young Belgian designer was appointed by Renzo Rosso as Diesel’s Creative Director.