One of the best under 40 artists, from England and globetrotter, Ian Berry has the talent to transform an iconic and transversal garment like jeans into a work of art.

His roots have always linked him to the textile world, in fact, he was born in Huddersfield, in Northern England, a town known for its fabric’s production industries.

His art was born as an experiment and it is the result of a casual observation: an old pile of jeans created in his eyes contrasts and shades of blue that pushed him to use denim to tell his vision of the world.

For him, each small piece, selected and treated to create fading effects, contributes to create the pictorial tone that amazes observers when the work is finished.

Some of his best known works are “Behind Closed Doors” and “My Beautiful Launderette” in 2016 and “Hotel California” in 2019. 

Ian Berry often chooses to depict melancholic urban scenes. He prefers to portray a lonely and less glamorous side of city life which is nonetheless very captivating and magnetic.

For the first edition of GenovaJeans, the artist decided to donate to the city his “Portrait of Giuseppe Garibaldi” housed at the Museum of Risorgimento.