Made in Italy, Innovation and Sustainability. These are the pillars on which Candiani Denim was founded, the company was born in 1938 by Luigi Candiani, who gave life to the premium denim industry, transforming jeans from work clothes into refined fashion items. Today, there are new challenges to face: excessive water consumption, the threat of microplastics in the oceans and the indiscriminate increase in disposable textile production in a global market makes it vital to rethink the production of one of the most successful garments in history.

Candiani has remained committed to innovation and protecting the environment for over 80 years. The brand’s decision to maintain production at its old site, in the heart of Ticino Valley Natural Park, signifies the desire to ensure all sustainability lies at the core of their business choices.

The connection between Candiani and Genoa is an opportunity to bring the past to life and create a new future, with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Jeans began at the docks of Genoa more than 500 years ago. Today marks a new beginning with Coreva™, the most significant innovation in the production of blue fabric that will make jeans a finally sustainable product, ready to re-start and begin another great story.

Since the 80’s, Candiani has converted to new eco-friendly policies implemented under the direction of Alberto Candiani, 100% committed to the fight against waste, with the aim of zero material waste and consequent pollution. 

With the invention of Coreva™ fabric, as the first compostable stretch denim that replaces synthetics with rubber yarns, this marks a huge moment for the brand.  

The inspiration for this innovation came to Alberto Candiani during a visit to his trusted local delicatessen: while inquiring about the material of the string used to make salami, he imagined using the same rubber for the production of high quality garments, which would significantly reduce the environmental impact.

Candiani carries on the family legacy with a clear strategy and focus on innovation and sustainability.

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