Genoa is renowned as the leader in jeans, which has been embedded in the cities DNA for centuries. Fast forward to present day, sustainability and environmentally friendly innovation remains a huge focus.

Italy is famous all over the world for events such as “Salone del Mobile” in Milan or “Pitti” in Florence. We are so happy that now we can add GenovaJeans, a global event, to launch and celebrate Genoa for being the birthplace of the most iconic garment in the world, jeans.

From 2nd – 6th September 2021, the first edition of GenovaJeans will offer an immersive experience of exhibitions, museums, conferences, meetings, entertainment and shows. A multifaceted and ambitious project that inaugurates the Jeans Street, relaunches manufacturing, fashion, art, commerce, catering and culture to promote quality Made in Italy, in the medieval city centre where jeans have been produced, marketed and used since the 1200.

Jeans Street, Genoa’s future “Carnaby Street”, brings together Via di Pré, Via del Campo and Via San Luca. The Municipality of Genoa is striving to repopulate through the reimergence of Jeans, as well as a recent measure that will support rents for new commercial, craft, catering and cultural activities in the historic centre.